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  • Natalie Bristowe

Why can't I get what I Want??

Have you ever found yourself on AirBnB, ASOS or something similar where you had no idea what exactly it is that you wanted, and there was just SO much information it almost felt overwhelming and ended up either just closing down the website or spending endless hours scrolling, procrastinating and wasting valuable time... Does this resonate?

Alternatively, you may have had a much more productive experience, leading to booking the accomodation you wanted, or buying the exact pair of shorts you were after? Did you notice that when this was your outcome - you went onto the site with intention - knowing exactly what it is you want, having a clear picture of what you were after... For example - on AirBnB the dates, location, number of bedrooms. In order to find what you were looking for, you were able to apply these filters which then enabled you to book your accomodation - what a RESULT!

OR in the case of shopping - filtered it down to the exact item of clothing you are after - a green pair of trousers, Tall body type….and VOILA - RESULT!

This is how our mind works, our incredible intelligent mind. There are MILLIONS of bits of information coming through to us at any moment in time - and in order for us to make sense and give meaning to this information it goes through this unconscious internal set of filters (based on your beliefs, values, memories etc.), which is the lens through which your perceive your reality. Filtering information based on what you are focusing on both consciously and unconsciously.

So If you set an intention of finding a relationship, and you are open and excited to the idea of love, and truly believe that you are worthy of love - this filter is on, and this will be reflected in your reality. You will notice the opportunities and possibilities falling at your feet….

Here is the catch - If however, unconsciously, you don’t feel worthy of love, or worthy of a relationship - Guess What?! This filter will not be on, and as a result you will not be able to see these opportunities showing up.

In order to actually get exactly what it is you WANT - You first need to have a clear idea of WHAT exactly that is. It is then important to ensure your beliefs and values are in complete alignment with this to ensure that the filters are correctly set - leading to the desired RESULTS!

“Where to I begin???” I hear you asking…

With Nat Bristowe Coaching - we will work together to identify your specific wants and goals. We will identify all of your negative emotions, beliefs, decisions, internal conflict - EVERYTHING that is stopping and blocking you from achieving your results - Working with a range of modalities, and using the most POWERFUL process I have ever experienced, together we will work with your unconscious mind - allowing you to totally, fully LET GO of these limitations so that you can start creating a future which feels exciting, compelling and LIMITLESS.

Whether you have anxiety, lack of confidence, chronic fatigue, anger issues, relationship issues, lack of self worth, lack of self belief, sadness, internal conflict, body image issuesanything that you deem to be a problem, anything that you feel is holding you back from being who you want to be - Why don’t we have a call today to see whether we would be a good match on your journey of incredible transformation.

Please reach out if you are interested in hearing more about how we can work together. Book your FREE discovery call today, I am so excited to hear from you.

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