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The Clock is Ticking | Become a Certified NLP Practitioner

Only 1 month to go…

2023 is in full flow, and the countdown is on until our NLP Practitioner Training from 1st-7th March. We are unbelievably excited to be hosting this training and being a part of your breakthrough journey.

Pam and I have experienced our own major life transformations, and as a result - this is what has lead us to pursue a career in coaching and training - so that we can empower you to actualise and achieve your own dreams and goals.

This training is for you if:

  • You would like to learn how to become more self-aware

  • You are invested in your own personal development

  • You would like to improve your communication skills

  • You would like to develop meaningful relationships and deeper connections with others

  • You would like to form new habits and behaviours that are sustainable and support you in achieving your goals

  • You are ready to let go of of the ‘baggage’ that is currently holding you back from going after what you want

  • You are ready to to commit to yourself and your future

This training is for everyone. Whether you are an existing coach and you would like to add new powerful tools and techniques to your toolkit, a working professional, or anyone who is interested in taking their career and skills to the next level - this training is for you.

In the 7 days you will be certified in 4 disciplines:

⭐️ NLP Practitioner

⭐️ Hypnotherapist

⭐️ Time Line Therapy®

⭐️ NLP Coaching

During this training, you will receive an in depth understanding of the art and science behind human behaviour and communication patterns, and learn HOW to create positive behavioural change.

This training is filled with valuable content alongside practical exercises throughout, ensuring that you leave the training feeling confident in each of the techniques when it comes to practical application.

This training is first and foremost an opportunity for personal development. You can expect to leave this training feeling energised, motivated and inspired by your future.

You will experience the power in all techniques which will allow you to understand specifically what your problem is and what is holding you back from going after what you WANT.

With this knowledge, you will then experience the magic in Time Line Therapy(r) and let go of all major negative emotions (anger/sadness/fear/hurt/guilt) as well as all your limiting beliefs which are holding you back.

With powerful NLP techniques, you will be equipped with new resources that will motivate you to take action towards your goals, now that you are free from doubt.

This is an online training will run from 1st-7th March from 9.30am-6pm each day (Sydney time).

We have extended the early bird special rate of $3,300 (Normally priced at $3,750) if confirmed and deposit paid by 1st February 2023.


This training will change your life.

If you are interested in hearing more, please DM me today to arrange a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

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