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  • Natalie Bristowe


MARCH 1ST - 7TH 2023 (Revised dates)

Is your health and well-being important to you? Do you value having energy? Have you ever felt like your health (physical or mental) was taken away from you? And would it be worth learning how to step into your personal power, and take control of how you FEEL at any moment in time.

Would it be useful to you to learn how your thinking is having a direct impact on how you feel internally, and as a result how you are behaving and showing up day to day?

Even better, with this knowledge - would it be useful to then learn a series of tools and techniques so that you can create positive change right NOW?

Do you ever wake up feeling tired, lethargic, no energy, headaches….or just with that feeling “Why bother” “I can’t…” “I don’t have it in me….”

Can you imagine what like could be like when you wake up with a new internal dialogue, one that empowers you and motivates you to go after what you WANT. What would it be like to waking up feeling energised, excited and motivated by your day ahead??

Would it be of value for you to learn about the most powerful tools and techniques so that not only can you experience your own personal breakthrough and transformation - but then go and use these tools and techniques to inspire and empower others?

Can you imagine what life will look like when you are able to truly understand not only the way you think, but how your partner, family, colleagues, manager and friends think - so that you can communicate with them more effectively, producing your desired outcome and results?

Can you imagine how good it will feel to let go of your own limiting beliefs and negative emotions, and get rid of anything that is getting in your way and holding you back from being the HAPPIEST, HEALTHIEST and most ENERGISED version of you… and then go on to share these with others, so they too can step into the best version of themselves, allowing them to show up in a way which truly reflects who they want to be.

Well - NOW is your opportunity to get certified in 4 modalities:

⭐️ NLP Practitioner

⭐️ Hypnosis

⭐️ Time Line Therapy®

⭐️ NLP Coaching

I am running my first training from MARCH 1ST - 7TH 2023 (Revised dates).

Application to join this program is open NOW.

Whether you want to become a coach, or if you are looking for an opportunity to step into your own personal power, and create a life that you feel inspired by, improving your relationships with others (your partner, family, friends, colleagues, manager...), and more importantly yourself…. Then this is for YOU. If you value your health, your energy and your happiness…This is the course for YOU.

If you are interested in hearing more, DM me today to arrange a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

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