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  • Natalie Bristowe

"I will never be able to change...."

Are you one of those people whose like "I have had this problem for such a longgggg it is either impossible to change, or it will just be really hard and take forever?"...

It makes sense...if you have been feeling stuck, low level energy, crippled with fear, anxiety, self-doubt and a lack of confidence for can it be possible to turn this around?

Well we can change our beliefs in a moment...

Take yourself back to that time you learned how to ride a bike...

Before you got on it, perhaps there was a belief that you would never be able to ride a bike on your own? The thought of actually pedalling and staying upright may have felt terrifying and totally impossible. Maybe you started with stabilizers and someone holding you upright at the same time...after building up your confidence, it was then just you and your stabilisers...taking pedal strokes towards something that you didn't think was achievable...and then just like that, in a moment of time something you believed to be impossible became possible...your new reality. "I am riding a bike on my own"

You discovered your new truth. Your belief changed.

The only person holding you back from doing what you want is YOU! You are the only person who will be able to get yourself unstuck and free yourself to pursue your goals. It is your limiting beliefs lurking below the surface that are sabotaging your success - "I will never succeed", "I am unworthy of happiness"..."there is something wrong with me"....these are all simply beliefs, that at some point you have adopted as yours. You have given value to, and assigned meaning.

If we know that beliefs such as never being able to ride a bike, can change in a moment of time, this is also true for the beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your dreams.

Our minds and magical and miraculous. The moment you take responsibility for your life and jump in the drivers seat, is the moment you open yourself up to viewing the world through a new, shiny, inspiring and empowering lens.

Join me in my upcoming workshop on 'The Power of Your Mind'. I will be running this workshop on Wednesday 7th June at 6pm Sydney time/9am UK time.

In this workshop you will learn about the mind body connection, and how just small shifts in your thinking can lead to powerful changes in your life immediately!

The session will finish off with a powerful visualisation technique, empowering you to take charge of your state at any moment, opening your eyes to an inspiring world filled with opportunities and possibilities.

Book your spot HERE.

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