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  • Natalie Bristowe

Creating Magic with Language | The Power of Words

Words have power…it is the meaning that we assign them that shape our beliefs and drives our behaviours.

I remember when I was about 8 years old, wearing a pair of orange corduroy flares and a long red sleeve top with a diamonte reindeer on it. Feeling pretty trendy. And this ‘cool’ girl from school came up to me and said “Your clothes clash so much”

In response I was just so pleased that my wonderful and carefully curated outfit had been acknowledged, and took this as a massive compliment. I spent the rest of the day walking around a little taller, with a real swag of confidence in my step.

It wasn’t till I got home that evening and started flicking through the style pages in the papers - highlighting all the outfits on the models that I loved, stating how much their clothes ‘clashed’… “she looks AMAZING, she is clashing soooo much”

It was my poor Mum who broke the news to me…”Darling, do you know what clash means”….As you can imagine, I was devastated, ashamed, embarrassed…everything changed in that moment. My confidence knocked, my should slumped and my beliefs about myself shifted in that moment.

Now of course, I can see I have a choice as to whose words I give value to…

This story is a great example of how it is not the words themselves that hold meaning, it is the meaning that we assign to them - this is where the power lies.

Where words hold negative meaning, this will lower your energy and vibration. Where you use words which hold positive meaning, and elicit positive emotion - this will naturally leave you feeling uplifted and energised.

With this in mind, we can use language and select words that uplift, inspire and empower us - shifting our state into a high vibe frequency.

How often do you say things like “I am not good enough”, “I am fat” “I am ugly”…these throw away comments are unconsciously having a detrimental impact on your health and happiness. The more we hear, read, speak them - the more power they hold over us, the more energy they consume and the worse we feel.

Try this:

Start becoming aware of the words you are using when you talk to yourself - what are you saying and how does that make you feel?

When you are aware of the language you use - consider what could you say instead using positive language that would feel better?

i.e. instead of “I hate myself” you could say “I am learning to love myself”

Instead of “I can’t do this, it is to hard” you could say “I can do this by breaking it down into small achievable steps”

Let me know how you get on, what shifts you notice as you change your language and the words you use.

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