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  • Natalie Bristowe

5 Tips to Overcoming Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Like everything is weighing down on you?

Even the smallest tasks seem monumental and send you into a negative spiral, making you feel highly and irrationally emotional?

Even though on paper your life seems great and you 'should' feel happy, somehow you just feel low, unhappy and stuck?

This is not a fun place to be in, and can feel incredibly draining. Overwhelming stress can lead to if the above resonates with you.... take this as a sign to take action NOW.

1. Pen to Paper - often when we feel overwhelmed, it can feel like EVERYTHING is too much. The truth is, it is not everything - it just feels like that when it is in your mind, and thoughts are spiralling. So write down everything that it consuming your mind, all the things that need to be done and checked off your list.

2. Prioritise - Once you have got everything out of your head and on to paper - it can be useful to prioritise what needs to be done, giving you greater clarity and direction on how to move forward.

3. Enforce Boundaries - Practice saying 'NO'. Before saying yes to another friend, or taking on another piece of work - take a step back and ask yourself 'Have I got capacity' and 'By saying YES will I show up in a way which will produce the outcome that I want?'....

4. Practice Breathing - When in overwhelm, your body goes into the fight or flight stress response. This influences your internal state, and your physiology - increasing your heart rate, shallowing your breath. Practice this: breathe in the 4 counts, pause for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts. Do 4 rounds of this, and it will assist in re-regulating your nervous system.

5. Get outside and move your body - Disconnect yourself from technology and get outside, walking or stretching. Shift your focus onto your surrounding, the beauty in nature, what is around you and you will notice a shift in your internal state. Practice gratitude in this - and you will notice that you will increase your appreciation for all that you have, taking your mind away from all the ‘stuff’ causing this negative state.

If you are interested in overcoming your overwhelm on a deeper and more profound level DM me today to book in your FREE discovery call – an opportunity for us to chat further and see if we are a good fit for working together.

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