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  • Natalie Bristowe

3 Tips for Prioritising Your Needs & Setting Healthy Boundaries

“You have to set your boundaries”, “Put yourself first” Do you find yourself hearing this, and thinking in theory – yes it makes sense, and sounds wonderful. But in reality, are you thinking “I do not have time” or “I do not know how to set boundaries”, “If I put myself first, I will let others down”…

The list goes on, and slowly you become more and more drained. It literally feels like you are a car crawling to the finish line, the tank is empty, and you could crash at any moment. Sound familiar?

Would it be useful to get clarity on what you want, so you can start prioritising yourself and moving towards achieving your goals?

How about prioritising yourself, refilling your tank and as a result, you will feel more energised, inspired and motivated with more capacity to serve others and show up in a way which reflects who you truly want to be?

Can you imagine setting boundaries in a way that feels great and free from guilt? Knowing that in doing so, you will feel so much more energised as you will be channelling your energy into the things you WANT to do, rather than the things you think you should be doing?

Not only will you feel happier, more fulfilled and more energised in yourself, but you will show up so much better for all the people around you, leading to strengthened relationships and deeper connections.

Would it be useful to learn tools and techniques that empower you to have the confidence to identify your needs and desires, start prioritising yourself and setting boundaries so that you can take ownership of your life and show up better for yourself, and for the people around you?

With a lack of boundaries, often this can lead to burnout. With limited time, energy and money, it is so important that you are investing into the things, people and experiences that make you feel good. It is essential to be mindful about how you use these resources ensuring that you are not prioritising the things that deplete them.

Speaking from experience and having been on my own journey with Chronic Fatigue and Burnout – in hindsight I can see that I was in denial for some time. With unclear boundaries, depleting energy, and a felt need to say yes to all things – work commitments, social engagements, trying to be a good girlfriend, friend, colleague … Eventually I crashed. I put myself and the bottom of my priority list, and my body gave up on me. I found myself bed bound with a 5-minute walk feeling like climbing Mount Everest.

As someone who deeply values health and fitness – having (what felt like) this taken away from me was devastating. So, I truly understand what it feels like to be stuck in a body that is unable to do what you want. Feeling burnt out is confusing, isolating and painful. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

My experience led me on a journey of self-discovery, of which I am so grateful for. I have turned my life around and am now living a healthy, active and happy lifestyle with energy in abundance. Teaching spin, going for long walks, training in the gym and surrounding myself with people who light me up. With a combination of mindset tools and techniques and lifestyle shifts – you too can change your life, set clear boundaries and start living a life that inspires and excites you.

If you are ready to make this change today, here are 3 things that you can start doing to enforce your boundaries right now…

1. Identify and communicate your availability – Commit to the time you have dedicated to yourself to reset – whether this means leaving work on time to get to a gym class, or switching off your phone at 8pm and reading a book. Be clear and respect your own boundaries, teaching others to respect them too.

2. Start saying NO – Recognise the things, people and experiences that light you up and leave you feeling warm, energised and fulfilled. Stop saying yes to things out of ‘obligation’. Get comfortable saying no to the things that will not serve you, so you have more capacity and energy to channel into the things that make you happy.

3. Take regular breaks and rests – Working 8+ hours straight with no breaks is not productive. In fact, this will most likely have a negative impact on the quality of work you produce. With regular breaks to recharge, refuel and reset you are much more likely to have increased alertness, energy and therefore productivity. Find time throughout your day for physical and mental breaks, this may include meditation, yoga, exercise, going for a walk, reading a book or catching up with a friend. Find what it is that works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.

If you found this blog useful and would like to explore working together on your mindset, allowing you to let go of your limiting beliefs and self doubt that are getting in the way of you showing up as your best self. Then reach out to me today to book in your FREE Discovery call. Together we will see if I can help you, and we will come up with a program that will lead you to success.

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